Treat Yourself to a Boat Ride


At 10.45am on a Thursday in October 2017 my husband and I arrived at CASEA Charters on Umhlanga Main Beach. We had signed up for a boat ride and – in my opinion – couldn’t have picked a better day. The weather was beautifully calm and the visibility crisp and clear, despite being overcast and fairly cool.

boat rideWe signed the obligatory indemnity form and were kitted out with impossible-to-miss life jackets before being given simple instructions by a tanned-looking Elaine Case. After sliding bum first into the rubber duck (which is inspected annually by SAMSA) we, together with eight happy holidaymakers, were steered expertly out of Grannies Pool and into the open sea by our skipper Kit Case. Kit spoke gently to us giving a little information about the shark nets which stretch in front of the Umhlanga coastline, and explaining how and where we would travel. Although not scared of water I do struggle with motion sickness so Kit’s calm manner was very reassuring.

While travelling south, in between the picturesque coast and a row of ships further out to sea we came across a large pod of dolphins. What a delight it was to see them jumping across waves, swimming under the boat, chasing fish and obviously enjoying themselves in the surf. It is worth noting that CASEA Charters offers boat rides and deep-sea fishing (in different boats) only. They do not advertise ‘dolphin watching’ services. This is an important distinction to make as dolphin viewing is governed strictly by licensing.boat ride

After admiring these beautiful creatures in the gently lapping ocean we turned and faced into the breeze and the cool salty sea spray. There were plenty of excited shouts as the boat slapped through water troughs as it made its way north again before coming into shore after a pre-arranged signal and in a flurry of excitement.

CASEA Charters operates boat rides for up to 10 people, on the hour every hour from 9am, daily, throughout the year. Trips are dependent on weather and on a minimum of five people to a boat. Contact them for more information on boat rides or fishing at 083 690 2511 and or visit their website The boat rides make for a lovely outing with friends and family. Gift vouchers are available.

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