RocoMamas Says ‘No!’

rocomamas straw

Umhlanga Tourism advocates the elimination of single-use plastics from everyday use. We recently featured The George’s and The Oyster Box‘s efforts in this regard. In support of other local Umhlanga businesses who are cutting down their reliance on these pollutants, we highlight here another restaurant that has joined the ban on plastic straws: RocoMamas.

‘The move to stop the use of plastic straws is big overseas,’ said Jono Dempster of RocoMamas Umhlanga, ‘and by joining the movement we hope that small changes will lead to bigger ones.’

Compared to other plastic items used for take-away food (such as plastic lids on coffee cups), plastic straws form the largest number of plastic items used. Targeting these tiny plastic tubes, therefore, IS a big deal. Rocomamas now supplies only paper straws and is working on making other take-away containers fully biodegradable.

With the #refusethestraw campaign catching on many consumers are being made aware of how straws mess up our beaches and oceans. However, education is still important. To this end Rocomamas’ Facebook page highlights their refuse-the-straw policy and flyers slotted into take-away items are opportunities for staff to educate the public.

Here’s to #RocoMamas and #refusethestraw: well done!

If you/your business have joined the #refusethestraw campaign send Umhlanga Tourism an email ( letting us know and we’ll feature you on all our social media pages!

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