Be Ecofriendly & Buy Local


Review by: Brenda Daniels

be ecofriendly Environmentally friendly alternatives are becoming more and more available, and plastic replacements and buying local are two great ways to cut down on pollution. One company that offers both non-plastic and local is Kloof-based Chempac Distribution. Chempac Distribution supplies B&Bs, guesthouses, coffee shops, restaurants, laundromats and others in the Durban area from their vast range of cleaning supplies, groceries and packaging. And they deliver. Quickly!

I met Sales Consultant, Sally Beaumont, at a local shopping centre to discuss the company’s offering. She handed me a sample pack of cleaning supplies and explained them to me. Giving me a sample pack was a great idea as I got to try out the products before committing to them. Most, if not all, of the cleaning supplies from Chempac come in big containers that you then decant yourself into appropriate spray or squeeze-top bottles. After I’d tried the samples I bought an ammonia-based cleaner and a bleach disinfectant, both in 5 litre containers. I decanted into smaller bottles (which I also purchased from Chempac) and when the 5 litres are empty I will return these to aChempac for reuse. A more environmentally-friendly way than simply tossing the empties.

During our meeting Sally also explained at some length the biofriendly range of packaging Chempac supplies. Their best seller is a cornstarch straw that looks like plastic and comes in two sizes – a 6 ml for cool drinks and an 8 ml for milkshakes.

‘Paper straws disintegrate in your cocktails,’ said Sally, ‘so these cornstarch ones are a better option!’ Cups and bowls in the same material look so like plastic that an ‘I am not plastic’ sign is helpful. Other things like bowls and take-away containers are made from the fibrous bagasse left over after harvesting sugar cane. Food can be frozen and microwaved in these containers and the sauces won’t seep. ‘They’re much better than polystyrene,’ said Sally.

Meal trays made from wood pulp, cutlery made from cornstarch (you can only eat with them – not eat them!), different-sized paper bags and much more make up Chempac’s range.

On the day I sent my email order I had barely even paid before my goods were delivered to my door. I was terribly impressed. This service is of course extremely helpful if you buy in bulk as carting all that myself would have been difficult. All the cleaning supplies are mixed on-site at Chempac and the business is run by a family who place a high premium on service.

Check out the Chempac Distribution website, for more information, or contact them directly at, 071 332 8424 (Jolene), 076 412 6738 (Leanne).

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